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There's little more comforting than a pair of shoes that welcomes its wearer home. That's exactly what it feels like to slip on a pair of well loved ZSTARS. Assembled organically, using simple cuts of material and minimal stitching, our shoes mold to their owners' feet the way that only natural materials and careful design can.

ZSTAR aims to create products that are true to their essence. We draw inspiration from the staples of the youth. Our aesthetic is modern and classic. Simple, elegant shapes executed in the right fabrics and subtle colors. Our products should complement what you are wearing, whether it's blending in seamlessly or providing for a subtle accent.
We are also influenced by our surroundings, our city. Our story is set in South Africa because that's where we live and that's where we play. We're inspired by South Africas rich history of nautical voyages and 7th wonder of the world "Table Mountain" but also modern day South Africa which, with all of its arts and culture, acts as a magnet to creatives from around the world.

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